Research meetings

Departmental research meetings usually take place once a month and function as a discussion platform for research. Individuals interested in learning more about these meetings or attending them should contact one of the organizers (as well as for meeting times and locations). 

Research group Evolutionary Social and Organizational Psychology (EVSOP) 
The EVSOP research group is a meeting place where social and organizational psychologists who are interested in evolutionary perspectives can exchange ideas, discuss recent theoretical and empirical works in the field, and present recent research findings. We also have frequent guest speakers from other disciplines, including developmental psychology, educational neuroscience, behavioral endocrinology, and evolutionary biology.

The ultimate focus of the research group is to use an evolutionary perspective to generate hypotheses and interpret empirical findings. Although a wide variety of content areas are discussed, the group is primarily focused on core departmental areas, including research related to trust, leadership, cooperation, social status, and applied (evolutionary) social psychology.

Guests are welcome, both to present ideas and to simply attend and listen.

Organizer: Joshua Tybur (contact details) 
Meetings: every two weeks

Research group Leadership and Organizational Dynamics (LOD)
The LOD research group unites researchers who work together toward an enhanced understanding of leadership and organizational dynamics. We share an applied research strategy that crosses disciplinary boundaries and utilizes innovative methodologies, from biological markers, to personality assessment, implicit and explicit measures of attitudes, game theory, to behavioral processes and fine-grained social interaction analyses.

Our combined skills and interests allow us to unpack the complex patterns of social relationships and influence present in organizations. We offer organizational practitioners theoretical and practical insights into how they may maximize their employees' potential.

Organizer: Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock (contact details)
Meetings: once a month

Research group Trust and Cooperation
The Trust and Cooperation research group aims to exchange ideas and collaborations between researchers that are interested in the psychology of interpersonal interactions, both in dyads and groups. We have a special focus on social dilemmas, pro-relationships behaviors, trust, helping and group cohesion.

Organizer: Francesca Righetti (contact details)
Meetings: once a month

Research group VU Social Hormones Lab
The VU Social Hormones Lab is a research network at the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology. The goal of this lab is to stimulate research on hormones and social behavior by facilitating collaborations and pooling resources. The group focuses on the sometimes complex relationship between hormone levels and social behavior and cognition. Each member of the group has a research interest that he or she believes will be better understood by taking into account hormonal activity (see the Table below for the research focus of each member).

Read more about this research group (pdf)

Organizer: Leander van der Meij (contact details)
Meetings: for more information contact the organizer