Studying abroad

Bachelor's programmes

VU University Amsterdam offers students the chance to spend a semester abroad within the scope of their degree programme. The best time to do this is the first semester of the third academic year: instead of taking a minor in the Netherlands, you can also take courses at a partner institution abroad.
Studying abroad is an amazing experience. You make acquaintance with a different culture and education system, you build up an international network and you can take courses that are not available at VU University. Furthermore, experience in a foreign country is highly valued by potential employers.
VU University offers opportunities both within and outside Europe. If you want to know what destinations are open to you within the scope of your degree programme, check the VU World Map.

For more information, see Studying Abroad 2015-2016 on VUnet.

Studeren in het buitenland

Master's year

Enrich your Master's year with a trip abroad! VU University offers you the chance to complete a work placement (and possibly your thesis) abroad. This helps you gain new experiences and get more out of your studies. Studying abroad during your Master's programme can sometimes result in a degree of study delay. The work placement is the most suitable way to study abroad during your Master's programme. Make sure you start looking early, as it takes time to tailor a work placement to your individual needs. If you only wish to study within the regular study periods, then the courses that you miss in your absence must be available at the host university at the same time. However, this rarely occurs in practice.

A study period abroad offers you the chance to broaden your horizons. You will make acquaintance with a different culture, a different education system and a different approach to your professional field. It will make you more independent as you have to get by in an unfamiliar environment without your friends and family nearby. And last but not least: it's great for your language skills!

For more information, see Studying Abroad 2015-2016 on VUnet.