Student Council (FSR)

What is the Student Council (FSR)?

We are 7 students who represent the students of the faculty of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences. We receive comments from students and convey them to the faculty board to make decisions which best match students’ wishes. We always welcome all of your ideas, suggestions and complaints about: 

  • Facilities
  • Quality of education
  • Other issues concerning the faculty. 
Your opinions are always welcome.

FSR MEMBERS 2020-2021

FSR 2020-2021

f.l.t.r.: Floris, Lucinda, My, Niels, Alina, Kerem, Kjell

FSR-VI 2020-2021:
1. Chairman: Niel Houtkamp
2. Vice-Chairman: Kerem Özel
3. Secretary: Floris Kolner
4. Treasurer & Coordinator Pedagogical Sciences: Lucinda de Graaff
5. Coordinator Human Movement Sciences: Kjell Bottema
6. Coordinator Psychology: Alina Kaiser
7. Public Relations: Hà Diệu My

How you can reach us?

  • E-mail:
  • Facebook: @studentenraadFGB
  • Instagram: @fsr_fgb
  • Whatsapp: +31 6 47172721
  • Room: MF D-658