Faculty Student Consultation (F.S.O.G.B.)

The F.S.O.G.B. is a monthly consultation with all students within the Faculty of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences (FGB) who represent the interests of students via various committees and other bodies. The F.S.O.G.B. keeps all of these bodies up to date with developments within the faculty that are of relevance to students.

Bodies within/function of the F.S.O.G.B.

The F.S.O.G.B. comprises the faculty student council, the ten programme committees, the two study associations (V.I.B. and VSPVU) and the FGB student assessor. The student assessor is a student member of the faculty board. He or she is also the chair of the F.S.O.G.B. Every committee and body will send a delegation to the meeting.

More information about the F.S.O.G.B. can be found on VUnet (for students and staff of VU University Amsterdam). If you have any questions or comments, please email them to Ivar Maas.