Grant-funded research projects
Members of the research program conduct research in partnership with or commissioned by national and international businesses, local and national governments, and NGO’s. There are currently several grant-funded research projects on topics such as:

- The Mixed Feelings of Bystanders (NSCR/VU)
- Theories of Social Psychology (N.W.O.)
- Beliefs about Selfishness (Finnish Academy of Science)
- Cooperation between Groups (Portugese Science Foundation)
- Personality and Leadership (funded by NOA)
- Evolutionary Organizational Psychology (funded by Economic and Social Research Council)
- Evolution of the Social Brain (British Academy)
- Environmental Sustainability (ESRC)
- Guilt and Self-control in Social Dilemmas (ESRC)
- Innovation (ETC)

Grant highlights
Including prestigious competitive grants from NWO:

- VENI-grant: Righetti;
- 3x Mozaiek: €270,000; Van Dijk, 2007; Homan & Van Vugt, 2010; Van Leeuwen & Katharina Alvarez, 2011;
- replacement grant: €48,000; Van Lange, 2007;
- Postdoc: €165.000 Van Prooijen, Van Lange.

The department also obtained funding from:

- the Swiss Science Foundation (€125,000; Van Lange, 2006)
- the Finnish Cultural Foundation €18,000 (Van Lange, 2007)
- the ESRC (€50,000: Van Vugt, 2009)
- industry (for psychometric test development: Performance Coaching (€100,000; De Vries)
- NOA (€100,000; De Vries)

Recently TLC has attracted a NWO-VENI winner (€200,000; Pollet).