Training and Supervision Plan

PhD candidates at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam not only do research; they also follow training courses for professional and personal development. All candidates within the faculty, both internal and external, must complete training amounting to 30 ECTS (1 ECTS = 28 hours). FGB has set out compulsory themes that have to be covered, and courses within these themes are chosen by the candidate in agreement with the supervisor (Promotor). Further details can be found in the document ‘Doctorate Regulations at the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences’ (pdf). The PhD Education Committee (PEC) approves the quality and quantity of the selected training in advance.

It is the responsibility of the PhD candidate to keep track of the courses s/he has completed during the trajectory, and to build a portfolio in Hora Finita that corresponds with the courses outlined in the Training and Supervision Plan. Deviations from the original plan are accepted as long as these have been approved in advance with the supervisor, and as long as the candidate ultimately completes at least the required 30 ECTS. Major alterations should also be approved by the PEC. During the PhD trajectory, the candidate builds the portfolio by uploading the training certificates and any confirmations of activities that s/he has accrued. The supervisor approves the training the PhD candidate has registered, and towards the end of the trajectory the PEC verifies that the candidate fulfils the requirements stipulated by the faculty. The PhD candidate will receive a training certificate by the supervisor during the graduation ceremony.

Hora Finita
All PhD candidates must be registered in Hora Finita. The previously used paper version of the OBP/TSP is no longer in use at FGB. All planned training activities (names of courses etc) can be registered in Hora Finita under the heading ‘Training plan’ in the field ‘plan first year’ and ‘plan subsequent years’ and must include ECTS. If necessary, a PDF may be uploaded with the planned training activities.

The initial registration of a PhD candidate in HF will be done by the secretariat to the faculty board (Bestuurssecretariaat), upon the request by the supervisor or department manager.