Regulation and implementation

The Doctorate Regulations of VU Amsterdam (valid from 1-1-2015) officially establish the rules to which the PhD tract is bound. These regulations are applicable to all individuals conducting PhD-research under the supervision of a VU-based promotor and intend to defend their thesis at VU Amsterdam.

On June 6, 2017 a new law has been passed in the Netherlands enabling that the ius promovendi can be awarded to persons with a doctorate other than Full Professors. The law came into effect in September 2017, and required an amendment of the Doctorate Regulations of the Vrije Universiteit. Read the Procedure to request the ius promovendi FBM.

The FGB specific guidelines for the dissertation (conform article 17 of the doctorate regulations) can be found in Appendix B: FGB Guideline for the dissertation.

Here you will also find the FGB implementation of the doctorate regulations. On behalf of the Faculty of Behavior and Movement Sciences, the PhD Education Committee (PEC) is the decisive authority about Training and Supervision Plans.Transitional arrangements for PhD students.