Information for PhD candidates

Here you will find information about the rules and regulations on the doctorate program as set down by VU University, and also FGB’s implementation of these rules. You will furthermore find the forms you need to complete when starting your PhD trajectory and you will find information on the funds and finances available to FGB PhD candidates. 

All PhD candidates have to follow courses to account for in total 30 ECTS in order to fulfil the requirements of the VU doctorate regulations (see training and supervision plan, TSP). All courses offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam can be found in the university’s study guide, including their number of credits. PhD candidates are free to incorporate courses from other universities in their TSP. The PhD candidate should contact the corresponding course coordinator to clarify if there are any doubts on the level and number of credits for the course. The PhD candidate should also discuss the courses with the supervisor before registering. All course attended as part of the TSP must be approved by the PEC and should at least be on MA-level to be approved. Examples of courses that will be approved can be found in the list of sample courses. Please note that this list contains a suggestion for courses; updated information can be found on the course organizer’s website. An overview of links to other Dutch universities  and graduate schools throughout the Netherlands can be found here.

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