Honours Programme Psychology and Education

If you choose the Honours Programme within your bachelor Psychology or your bachelor Pedagogische wetenschappen, then you follow 12-18 ECTS (2 to 3 courses) in departmental courses and 12-18 ECTS in interdepartmental courses. More information about the Interdepartmental courses. For a list of departmental courses, see below. 

All departmental courses are 6 EC-courses. A few courses offer the possibility for Honours students to gain 3 EC extra star credits after successfully completing an extra assignment for that course besides passing the regular assessment of that particular course. In case you choose to do an extra assignment, this can be a literature review, a research proposal, or another type of assignment as will be communicated to you by the course coordinator (see applicable courses marked in bold in the Table below).  

All Honours courses you pass, appear as extracurricular courses on your bachelor diploma. Upon successfully completing the entire programme, you receive a special certificate stating that you have participated in the VU Honours Programme, and that you have completed your bachelor degree within three years with an average of at least 7.5 for your bachelor courses and with an increased study load of 30 EC of Honours courses.

Annemiek van Os is Honours coordinator for Psychology and Pedagogische Wetenschappen. If you have any questions about the departmental courses of the Honours Programme, you can contact her via e-mail (studieadvies.fgb@vu.nl). For general questions about the Honours Programme, send an e-mail to honours@vu.nl.

Course code Course namePeriod   
P_HCTCPNCurrent Topics in Cognition (HP)
P_HVLPHEDValue, Philosophy and Education (HP)
P_HEVOLPSEvolutionary Psychology (HP)1
P_HPSPAPRPsychopathology and Prevention (HP) + 3 star credits1
P_HRESTBXResearch toolbox (HP)2
P_HMBEDUCMind, Brain and Education (HP)2
P_HDIVCPDiversity in Clinical Practice (HP) + 3 star credits2
P_HGRPDYNGroup Dynamics (HP) + 3 star credits3
P_HPSYFARPsychopharmacology (HP)3
P_HEMSCOGEmotion and Social Cognition (HP) + 3 star credits4
P_HMANORGManagement and Organization (HP)4
P_HSENPERSensation and Perception (HP)4
P_HSTRHEAStress and Health (HP) + 3 star credits4
P_HCOCOMCooperation and Competition (HP)5
P_HCOGNEMCognition and Emotion5
P_HHRDEVEHuman Resource Development (HP)5
P_HMOLGENMolecular Genetics (HP)5