Honours programme of the department of Human Movement Sciences

The Honours programme of the department of Human Movement Sciences offers talented and motivated students the opportunity to invest more time in their own programme as well as to broaden their horizons through participation in special courses that transcend the faculty curriculum.

The programme consists of 30 EC study credits and is given in English. It commences in the second year of the BSc programme and consists of components relating to the faculty and interdepartmental components, transcending the curriculum of the faculty. To prevent interdepartmental courses from interfering with regular studies they are generally given on Monday and Thursday evenings between 5.pm and 9.pm.  Departmental components are scheduled at regular study hours.

More information on interdepartmental courses

Registration for the programme takes place around June 1 of the first year of study. Admittance depends on study results (successful completion of all courses by the end of the first year with a grade point average of about 7.5 or higher) and motivation; there is an admittance clause with regard to the criteria and in special cases exceptions can be made. Students are selected on the basis of their application letter, written in English and explaining their motivation, as well as an interview. The application letter should be submitted before May 1 to the faculty programme coordinator, and a registration form should be filled out on the central VU HP-website.

The Human Movement Sciences Honours Programme aims at stimulating scientific attitude and consists partly of components that transcend faculty curricula (at least 12 of the in total 30 credits). All education is provided in small groups in English.

The Human Movement Sciences programme in detail

The Honours Programme for Human Movement Sciences is defined as follows:

Programme second year, total of 18 EC:

  • 12 EC: choice from the programme that transcends faculty curriculum (two courses of 6 EC each).
  • 6 EC: reseach project.

    Programme third year, total of 12 EC:

  • HP-programs in the third year are tailor-made. In consultation with the faculty programme coordinator, the student may follow another interdepartmental course, follow a course from another minor program, follow a course from the Master program or an optional course from the Research Master program of the faculty, write a short literature review under supervision of a staff member, conduct another research project, etc. The student has the initiative here.

Courses in the interdepartmental programme

In the interdepartmental programme, the faculty offers a course entitled “New Anatomy”.

Students are of course free in their choice of the interdepartmental programme, but are recommended not to enroll in the course “New Anatomy” because its content overlaps with the content of courses from the regular programme. Because the Honours Programme is characterized by education given in small groups with emphasis on interaction, students have to register beforehand. If too many students are interested in a particular course, selection is made on a first-come first-served basis. If on the other hand the number of students registered for a certain course is very small, the course may be cancelled.