The research in the section Clinical Psychology is aimed at the improvement of prevention and treatment of common mental disorders, and the reduction of the disease burden of these disorders. Many of the studies in the Department are aimed at examining the effects of innovative interventions through randomized controlled trials, but we also aim to conduct epidemiological and cohort studies, experimental testing of components of interventions, meta-analyses of intervention studies, and the development and implementation of innovative treatments. At this moment we have several more specific research programmes:

  • Prevention and treatment of depression and anxiety disorders (prof. dr. Pim Cuijpers)
  • Internet-based treatments of common mental disorders (prof. dr. Heleen Riper)
  • Suicide and suicide prevention (prof. dr. Ad Kerkhof; description is in Dutch)
  • Primary mental health care (prof. dr. Annemieke van Straten)
  • Living together with cancer (prof. dr. Irma Verdonck)
  • Emotion regulation (dr. Sander Koole)
  • Psychotherapy in specialist care (prof. dr. Marcus Huibers & prof. dr. Jack Dekker)

Apart from these research programmes, there are several other researchers who are working parttime at the section Clinical Psychology on the following research topics:

  • Psychosis (prof. dr. Mark van der Gaag; description is in Dutch)
  • Clinical geropsychology (prof. dr. Anne Margriet Pot)