Section Clinical Pychology

Common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders are among the diseases with the highest illness burden. It is expected that depression in 2030 is the disease with the highest illness burden in the richer countries. The research of the Clinical Psychology section aims to contribute to the reduction of this burden. We do this primarily by developing and researching new psychological treatments. We think that Internet interventions can make a major contribution to further reduce the illness burden of common mental health problems. An important part of the research of the section is directed to such web based treatments.

We are also interested in the prevention of mental disorders, one of the most promising ways to reduce the burden of depression and other disorders, and in studies on the active mechanisms of treatments. But we are also working on several other areas from which we expect a lot, like suicide prevention, caring for people with cancer, emotion regulation, prevention and early treatment of psychotic disorders, and mental health problems in the elderly. We also think that the most interesting developments are taking place at the intersection of disciplines. We therefore work within the EMGO+ Institute with psychiatrists and general practitioners, but also lawyers and researchers in the field of artificial intelligence.
Furthermore, we think of research primarily as an international endeavour and therefore we are pleased to work with researchers from other countries who have the same mission as we: reducing the burden of common mental disorders.