Clinical, Neuro- & Developmental Psychology

From gene to treatment

The focus of the department is on implementation of research and education in clinical psychology in the broadest sense, from genetics to treatment and care. Our research and education is aimed directly or indirectly at the onset and diagnosis of mental disorders and the subsequent treatment and prevention. Cooperation with institutions that provide care to people with mental or developmental problems is of the highest importance.
This orientation towards psychological problems is mainly from the perspective of life and the changing brain. We focus on all age groups from conception to old age. Our research is always directly or indirectly aimed at improving the quality of life of people with mental health problems. Our education is focused on educating psychologists who will find employment in health care or continue in research on mental health problems from a life course perspective.

Section Clinical Developmental Psychology

The section Clinical Developmental Psychology is a knowledge center in the field of social and biological influences in the development of common emotional and behavioral problems and health behaviors in children and adolescents.
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Section Clinical Neuropsychology

The main theme of our research concerns the relationship between cognition and motor skills throughout the life course, in people who are healthy and in people who have a disorder of the central nervous system.
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Section Clinical Psychology

Common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders are among the diseases with the highest illness burden. The research of the Clinical Psychology section aims to contribute to reducing this burden.
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