Prevention and treatment of depression and anxiety disorders     


Prof. dr. Pim Cuijpers

In this research program we focus on three areas of research: Prevention of depression, innovative interventions for depression and anxiety, and the integration of research on psychological treatments of depression and anxiety disorders in meta-analyses. Prevention can be considered to be one of the main challenges in mental health care in general, and several trials have shown that it is possible in some cases to prevent the incidence of new cases of depressive disorders. In the department we are involved in several studies on prevention. The second area of research is on innovative interventions, mainly Internet-based treatments that are conducted in collaboration with the group of prof. Heleen Riper. The third area of research is concerned with meta-analyses of randomized trials in the treatment and prevention of depression and other mental disorders. We systematically collect studies in the field of psychotherapy and statistically integrate the results of these into new studies.

Representative publications

  • Cuijpers P (2014). Combined pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy in the treatment of mild to moderate major depression? JAMA Psychiatry, 71, 747-748. 
  • Cuijpers P, Vogelzangs N, Twisk J, Kleiboer A, Li J, Penninx B (2014). Comprehensive meta-analysis of excess mortality in depression in the general community versus patients with specific illnesses. Am J Psychiatry, 171, 453–462. 
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