Clinical geropsychology


Prof. dr. Anne Margriet Pot

The aim of the research program ‘Clinical Geropsychology’ is the improvement of the mental health and quality of life of older adults. Target groups vary from older adults with a risk on mental health problems to those with psychiatric problems or dementia in all echelons of care. Studies include onitoring  the quality of care and the development of innovative evidence-based interventions for older adults and their informal and professional caregivers.

Main projects:

  • Living Arrangements for people with Dementia (LAD) - study. In this study a broad range of data are collected in nursing homes for people with dementia once every two years. The homes vary from traditional large scale facilities to group living homes. The collected data concern organizational characteristics, the quality of care, the quality of life of people with dementia, the well-being of the care staff, and the satisfaction of family members. At the moment, data from the LAD-study are used in two  PhD studies: one focusing on the well-being of care staff and one on activities for people with dementia.
  • Development of innovative evidence-based interventions. At the moment different interventions are being developed and investigated. For the following interventions Randomized Controlled Trials are running, all PhD-studies: 1) an internet intervention for caregivers of people with dementia; 2) a combined community-based intervention program consisting of physical exercise and support for people with dementia and their caregivers; 3) an intervention to improve the control over challenging behavior of people with dementia in nursing homes; 4) an intervention to improve the control over challenging behavior of people with dementia living with an informal caregiver in the community.
  • Other. There are also other studies in which the quality of care, such as case-management for people with dementia and their informal caregivers or the cost-effectiveness and the success factors of small scale community care, is evaluated. A large nation-wide study on Routine Outcome Monitoring in psychiatric outpatient care for older adults is in its final phase.

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Representative publications:

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