Mariko Visserman

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Mariko Visserman
+31 20 59 89053
faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( sectie sociale & organisatiepsychologie )
PhD student

Research Interests


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- Personal-Relational Balance

- Self-control

- Sacrifice

- Romantic relationship protection

- Interpersonal attraction


Description of my PhD project

In my PhD project, under supervision of Dr. Francesca Righetti and Prof. Dr. Paul van Lange, we mainly focus on how romantically involved people maintain a healthy balance between their personal needs (e.g., autonomy, competence) and relationship needs (e.g., belongingness, closeness), as these needs may often compete for limited resources, time, and energy.

From prior research we know that personal well-being as well as relationship well-being is promoted when people are able to dedicate equally to personal and relationship needs. But how do people maintain this balance? And how do people redirect towards balance when having overdedicated to either personal or relationship needs?

Currently, we are studying the role of self-control (i.e., the ability to behave in a goal-directed manner) in maintaining and redirecting towards a personal – relationship equilibrium. Does high self-control promote the regulation of this equilibrium?

We make use of new and diverse methodologies (e.g., experience sampling), to gain experimental and longitudinal insights in how partners maintain personal – relationship equilibrium; ultimately with the goal to gain better understanding of personal and relationship well-being.


Other topics that I am interested in include:

- How do romantically involved people protect their relationship from the threat that attractive alternative dating partners may pose to the maintenance of the relationship?

- How does male status affect women’s self-presentation: do women (un)dress to impress when interacting with a high status man, as compared to a man with lower status?





Visserman, M. L., Karremans, J. C. (2014). Romantic relationship status biases the processing of an attractive alternative’s behavior. Personal Relationships, 21(2), 324–334.

Visserman, M. L., Karremans, J. C. (2013). Een aantrekkelijk alternatief in een negatief daglicht: Een vertekening in het verwerken van gedragsinformatie bij mensen in een relatie. Jaarboek Sociale Psychologie, 221-224. 

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