Betty Veenman

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PhD student

Personal interests

Betty Veenman is a PhD student at the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology at the VU University in Amsterdam. After having received her master Law and Politics of International Security at the VU University (2008), she decided to pursue a career in Psychology. Betty received her bachelor degree in Cognitive and Clinical Neuropsychology (2011) and master degree in Clinical Neuropsychology (2012) at the VU University in Amsterdam.
Since September 2012 she is performing her PhD research on the project “Druk in de Klas”, supervised by dr. M. Luman and Prof. dr. J. Oosterlaan. “Druk in de Klas” is an intervention program of 18 weeks developed for teachers, to address (sub)clinical hyperactivity and/or inattention in the classroom. It consists of a practical manual with worksheets and concrete examples, making it possible for teachers to use it without an additional training. The aim of this study is to assess whether “Druk in de Klas” has a beneficial effect on behavior, social-emotional, and educational skills of hyperactive and/or inattentive children in comparison to regular ADHD interventions that are currently available (such as methylphenidate). All children are measured at baseline, after 6 weeks (mid treatment) and after 18 weeks (posttreatment). Currently, data is still being collected. Children can participate until the end of school year 2013-2014, after which data is analyzed and published.

Research methods. Neuropsychological tests (computerized as well as paper & pencil tasks), questionnaires, actigraphy, behavioral observations, sociograms.

Interventions. Teacher intervention program, Randomized controlled trails.

Clinical relevance of the research
Currently there is no evidence-based intervention program for teachers in the Netherlands addressing (sub)clinical ADHD. The ultimate aim of the present study is to prove the efficacy of this training program and subsequently implement “Druk in de Klas” widely throughout the Netherlands. Since “Druk in de Klas” does not merely focus on clinical but also on subclinical ADHD, this program might even prevent children from receiving an ADHD diagnosis in the future. Furthermore, the program might act as an alternative and preventive method for more invasive treatments such as medication or behavioral therapy.



Supervisor of Bachelor and Master theses (2012 – continuing)

Job experience

Sep 2012 – present 
Department of Clinical Neuropsychology, VU University, Amsterdam
Ph.D. student

March 2012 – Sep 2012    
Department of Medical Psychology, VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam
Clinical internship

Sep 2011 – Feb 2012
Department of Clinical Neuropsychology, VU University, Amsterdam
Research internship


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