Richard Ronay

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Assistant professor

Professional Interests

For groups to function effectively, their members need some way of organizing and managing the hierarchies that inevitably emerge, as well as finding ways to cope with conflicts when they arise. For individual decision makers to function effectively, they need to know when to take appropriate risks, how to regulate their own emotions, and how to read others around them. My work addresses these social and individual challenges. A signature of my own approach is to draw on and integrate multiple levels of analysis, including psychophysiology, behavioral observation, cognitive processes, as well as more traditional methods such as self and other reports.


Leadership and Organisations


Recent Publications

Swaab, R.I., Schaerer, M. Anicich, E.M., Ronay, R., & Galinsky, A.D. (in press). The Too-Much-Talent Effect: Team interdependence determines when more talent is too much versus not enough. Psychological Science.

Ronay, R., & von Hippel, W. (in press) Sensitivity to changing contingencies predicts social success. Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Ronay, R., & Carney, D.R. (2013). Testosterone’s negative relationship with empathic accuracy and perceived leadership ability, Social Psychological and Personality Science, 4, 92-99.

Ronay, R., Greenaway, K., Anicich, E.M., Galinksy, A.D. (2012). The path to glory is paved with hierarchy: When hierarchical differentiation increases group effectiveness. Psychological Science, 23, 669-677.

Ronay, R., & von Hippel, W. (2010). The presence of an attractive woman elevates testosterone and physical risk taking in young men, Social Psychological and Personality Science, 1, 57-64. 

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