Leander van der Meij

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faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( sectie sociale & organisatiepsychologie )
Assistant professor

What do I do?

I am studying the fascinating relationship between hormones and human behaviour. My main research goal is to find out which hormones are released in contexts relevant for human mating and what their evolutionary functions and psychological effects are. I mostly study hormones such as testosterone and cortisol and investigate their changes over time during various forms of social interaction. I would like to answer questions such as: What are the biological precursors of courtship behaviours? When an  uncommitted young man meets an unfamiliar woman what drives their behaviour and cognitions, how do they perceive such a situation? Apart from situations directly related to courtship I am also curious if hormones such as testosterone and cortisol are released in situations indirectly related to human mating. Therefore, I also study contexts where social status can be lost or gained, like for example a physical or non-physical competition..

See this wordle for my research interests: