Mark van der Gaag

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faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( sectie klinische psychologie )

Professional interests

The psychology of schizophrenia has been the core interest of Mark van der Gaag for many years. As a cognitive behaviour therapist most of his research was involved in intervention research and implementation research in mental health institutions. He recently accomplished a multi-site cost-effectiveness trial in schizophrenia patients with persistent and recurrent psychosis. The participating sites are UMC Groningen, GGz Groningen, GGz Drenthe, Mediant, Adhesie, UMC Utrecht, Altrecht, De Grote Rivieren and Parnassia. At the moment he is performing a multi-side randomised controlled trial into the effects of CBT in people with an ultra-high risk in developing future psychosis. The participating sites are VU University Amsterdam, University Amsterdam, Parnassia The Hague, Adolesecent Clinic Amsterdam, Rivierduinen gerater Leiden, Province of Friesland.


Highlighted publications

van der Gaag, M. (2006)

A neuropsychiatric model of biological and psychological processes in the remission of delusions and auditory hallucinations. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 32(SP1),

van der Gaag, M., Hageman, M. C., & Birchwood, M. (2003)
Evidence for a cognitive model of auditory hallucinations. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 191(8), 542-545.




Masterclass Pre-psychotic and psychotic conditions.



19-05-1978 MSc psychology, VU University, Amsterdam.

01-09-1978 Consultant at Bureau Berenschot in Utrecht.

15-10-1979 Psychologist at Psychiatric Hospital Endegeest in Oegstgeest until 31-7-1993.

02-06-1988 Registered Behaviour Therapist at the Dutch Association of Behaviour Therapy.

02-10-1989 Registered Clinical Psychologist NIP.

01-09-1990 University teacher at the Leiden Universiteit, Dept. of Psychiatry.

28-04-1992 Registered Psychotherapist at the Ministry of Welfare, Health and Culture.

15-06-1992 Registered supervisor at the DABT.

28-10-1992 PhD thesis at the Groningen University on ‘The results of cognitive training in schizophrenic patients. Promotors: Prof. dr. R.J. van den Bosch en Prof. dr. G. Mulder.

01-08-1993 Head of Treatment of an integrated clinical-mobile treatment team and Quality Co-ordinator of psychosis care at the Psychiatric Hospital Rosenburg in The Hague.

01-04-1997 Registered learning therapist at the DABT.

04-05-1998 Registered psychotherapist BIG nr. 89038053316

14-01-1999 Registered Health Psychologist BIG, nr. 69038053325

01-10-1999 Head of treatment of an integrated clinical-mobile treatment team and Head of Research of the Psychosis Division.

01-11-2001 Head of Research of the Psychosis Division of Parnassia Psychiatric Institute.

01-11-2001 Member of the steering committee of the Schizophrenia Expert Center Netherlands.

16-07-2002 Associate professor at the Groningen University.

15-03-2005 Registration (Grandfathered) Certified Member of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, nr. 00684

11-01-2006 Registered Clinical Psychologist BIG.

01-08-2006 Professor of Clinical Psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam.



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