Eco de Geus

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faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( biologische psychologie )

Professional interests

  • Stress, Genes, Lyfestyle & Health
  • Ambulatory Monitoring Technology
  • Psychophysiology

Highlighted publications

deGeus EJ, Bartels M, Kaprio J, Lightfoot JT, Thomis M (2014). Genetics of regular exercise and sedentary behaviors. Twin Research Human Genetics. 17(4), 262-71.

Huppertz C, Bartels M, Jansen IE, Boomsma DI, Willemsen G, de Moor MH, & de Geus EJ (2014). A twin-sibling study on the relationship between exercise attitudes and exercise behavior. Behavior Genetics, 44(1), 45-55.

Huppertz C, Bartels M, Van Beijsterveldt CE, Boomsma DI, Hudziak JJ, de Geus EJC (2012). Effect of shared environmental factors on exercise behavior from age 7 to 12 years. Medicine Science Sports Exercise 44(10): 2025-32.

Neijts, M, Van Lien, R, Kupper, N, Boomsma, D, Willemsen, G and de Geus, EJC (2014) Heritability of cardiac vagal control in 24-h heart rate variability recordings: Influence of ceiling effects at low heart rates. Psychophysiology, 51: 1023–1036. 

van Lien, R, Neijts, M, Willemsen, G and de Geus, EJC (2014), Ambulatory measurement of the ECG T-wave amplitude. Psychophysiology. doi: 10.1111/psyp.12300

van Lien R, Schutte NM, Meijer JH, de Geus EJC (2013). Estimated preejection period (PEP) based on the detection of the R-wave and dZ/dt-min peaks does not adequately reflect the actual PEP across a wide range of laboratory and ambulatory conditions. International JPsychophysiology 87(1):60-9.




  • Biobehavioral Medicine
  • Cardiovascular Psychophysiology


Vrije Universiteit (MA cum laude) 1987 Human Movement Sciences
Vrije Universiteit PhD (cum laude) 1992 Psychology

Work experience:
1985 - 1986 : Research assistant (0.2 days/week) ZWO
1985 - 1986 : Research assistant (0.8 days/week) FPP-VU
1987 - 1988 : Junior Researcher VROM
1988 - 1992 : PhD NWO
1992 - 1996 : Post-doc FPP-VU, dept of Psychonomics 1996 - 1998 : Assistant professor (UD) FPP-VU, dept of Psychonomics 1998 - 2002 : Associate professor (UHD) FPP-VU, dept of Biological Psychology
2002 - Current: Full professor FPP-VU, dept of Biological Psychology

2009-2012 Vice-dean Faculty of psychology and Education

2012- Current Director EMGO+ institute

Field (‘leeropdracht’): Professor of psychophysiology of individual differences.

Personal interests

Eco de Geus is the Director of the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research at the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam, home to 640+ researchers in the field of genetics, behavioral sciences, health sciences, and medicine (o.a. midwifery, primary care, social medicine, occupational medicine, psychiatry, and elderly medicine). As the Director, he is responsible for developing and implementing the connection of scientific excellence to societal challenges through the entire chain of basic, evaluative (e.g. RCT), implementation and cost-effectiveness research.  He maintains a broad network of stakeholders, develop the institute’s policy and supervise the daily management of the Institute, including financial control, multidisciplinary cohesion, the scientific quality control mechanisms, and the annual report and midterm review cycles.

De Geus is additionally employed for half of his time as a  full professor at the department of Biological Psychology and co-director of the Netherlands Twin Registry at the VU University where he is an active researcher in the field of genetic epidemiology of cardiovascular disease risk factors. He has published over 400 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, and has developed an ambulatory monitoring system (, which has been sold to over 250 research units worldwide.



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