Jan Hoeksma

Associate professor

Professional interests

Dynamics of feelings and emotions
Analysis of change
Research Methods

Highlighted publications

Hoeksma, J. B., Oosterlaaan, J., Schipper, E., & Koot, H. (2007)

Finding the Attractor of Anger: Bridging the Gap Between Dynamic Concepts and Empirical Data. Emotion, 7(3), 638-643.

Hoeksma, J.B. & Kelderman, H (2006)
On Growth Curves and Mixture Models. Infant and Child Development, 15, 627-634.

Hoeksma, J.B. (2005)
Multilevel models.. In B. Hopkins, R. Barr, G. Michel, & P. Rochat (Eds.), Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development. (pp. 142-146). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Hoeksma, J.B., Oosterlaan, J. & Schipper, E.M. (2004)
Emotion regulation and the dynamics of feelings: A conceptual and methodological framework.. Child Development, 75(2), 354-360.

Hoeksma, J.B., Sep, S., Vester, F.C., Groot, P.F.C., Sijmons, R., & de Vries, J. (2000)
The electronic mood device: design, construction and application.. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, 32(2), 322-326.




Methods of developmental research
Multilevel modelling
Theories of development/dynamic systems
Research Methods