Djurre Holtrop

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PhD student

Profesional interests

The Ph.D.project we work on focuses on using situational description in personality inventories and how such modifications may influence responses of cultural groups. After charting these differences we will investigate the link between vocational interest, personality and prestige. The project is supervised by Marise Born and Reinout de Vries and financially supported by the NOA foundation.

- Testing and how cultural group differences influence test results, specifically for personality and vocational interest tests

- Personality measurement (e.g., HEXACO / MPT-BS), specifically Frame-of-Reference modifications

- Vocational interest measurement (e.g., PGI / RIASEC), specifically the relation with personality and self and other ratings

- (Academic) Performance prediction, specifically for college university students

Contact details

Department of Social and Organizational Psychology

Van der Boechorststraat 1, 1081BT

Room 1B-25

Recent publications

Holtrop, D., Born, M. Ph., & De Vries, R. E. (2015). Relating the Spherical representation of vocational interests to the HEXACO personality model. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 89, 10-20. DOI:10.1016/j.jvb.2015.04.003.

De Vries, R. E., Wawoe, K. W., Holtrop, D. (2015). What is Engagement? Proactivity as the missing link in the HEXACO model of personality. Journal of Personality, in press, DOI:10.1111/jopy.12150.

Holtrop, D., Born, M. Ph., & De Vries, R. E. (2014). Predicting performance with contextualized inventories, no Frame-of-Reference effect? International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 22, 219-223. DOI:10.1111/ijsa.12071.

Holtrop, D., Born, M. Ph., De Vries, R. E., & De Vries, A. (2014). A matter of context: A comparison of two types of contextualized personality measures. Personality and Individual Differences, 68, 234-240. DOI:10.1016/j.paid.2014.04.029



- Tutor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam - 2008/2010

Teaching I&O psychology courses.

- Consultant/Psychologist at NOA - 2009/present

Advising on student guidance and selection in higher education, test use training and test development.

- Ph.D. student at the VU University Amsterdam - 2012/present

Researching vocational interest and personality measures.


The organization funding this Ph.D. programme:


Two great initiatives related to my field of research:

IPIP (A Scientific Collaboratory for the Development of Advanced Measures of Personality and Other Individual Differences) -

IIP (The IIP website is designed to provide easy access to a public-domain vocational interest scales and measures, and is available to researchers working on the development of new interest models and interest assessment strategies) -