Ina ter Avest

Assistant professor

Professional interests

  • Intercultural and interreligious education
  • Religion in the public domain
  • Religious Citizenship Education
  • (school)identity development
  • Dialogical Self, related to identity development
  • (professional) identity development, in particular of principals in primary schools

Highlighted publications

Avest, Ina ter
Video-documentaire 'samen leven doe je zelf' [Video-document 'Living together: just do it!'].

Avest, Ina ter, Cok Bakker, Gerdien Bertram-Troost, & Siebren Miedema (2007)
Relgion and Education in the Dutch post-pillarized education system: historical backgrounds and current debates. In Robert Jackson, Siebren Miedema, Jean Paul Willaime, & Wolfram Weisse (Eds.), Religion and Education in Europe, Developments, Contexts and Debates. (pp. 5-30). Munster/Berlin: Waxmann Verlag.

Avest, Ina ter & Cok Bakker (2005)
Religion: Voice of the multi-voiced Self?. Scriptura, 89, 283-292.

Cok Bakker & Ina ter Avest (2005)
De organisatie van een Structureel Identiteitsberaad (SIB) [The organisation of Structural Identity Consultations, SIC]. Scriptura, 89, 165-185.

Avest, Ina ter (2003)
Kinderen en God, verteld in verhalen (dissertatie) [Children and God, narrated in stories, PhD thesis]. Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum.



Levensbeschouwelijke Opvoeding: levensbeschouwing en identiteit [Education in (religious) philosophy of life, as part of identity development]


Born in 1948, graduated in 1989 as a Psychologist of Culture and Religion (Radboud University, Nijmegen.
PhD-thesis in 2003 on religious development of primary school children in a multicultural and multireligious context: 'Children and God, narrated in stories', Meinema Zoetermeer.

1993-2004 Teaching and Curriculum Development in different Teacher Training Centres
2001-2004 consultant on identity development in primary schools in Rotterdam
2004-2008 research lecturer CHN University, Leeuwarden
2004-present postdoc research and teaching VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Psychology and Education
2005-present participation in the REDCo-project, assisting the project leader prof. dr. S. Miedema
2007-present teaching Utrecht University, Department of Theology

1998-present member of the edotorial board of Narthex, Dutch journal on religion and education

member of ISREV, REA, ENRECA, IRE, Dialogical Self

Pesonal interests

  • biography and narrative identity development
  • poetry and drama as 'second language', in its relation to religious literacy.
  • gendered aspects of religious literacy and religious development
  • exchange of knowledge and knowledge construction in an international context