Gerdien Bertram-Troost

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faculteit der godgeleerdheid ( beliefs & practices )
Assistant professor

Professional interests

Gerdien finished her PdH-project in December 2006. Her research was about religious identity development in adolescence. She's especially interested in the way schools for secondary education effect or can effect this development. In earlier empirical research on religious identity development of adolescence, hardly any attention has been paid to the theoretical framework of this question. Therefore, connections are sought with the identity theory of Erikson and with operationalizations of his theory by Marcia and others. Key concepts hereby are ‘exploration’ and ‘commitment’.
The empirical part of the research is both uqantitative and qualitative. A questionnaire was filled in by pupils of four Dutch christian schools for secondary education. Interviews were held with pupils, teachers and headmasters.
After finishing her PhD Gerdien worked as a post-doc researcher. Her work was closely related to the European project REDCo, which focused on Religion in Education as a matter of Dialogue or Conclict. Gerdien is co-editor of two international books in which the findings of both the qualitative and a quantitative research within the framework of RedCo are described.
Since April 2009 Gerdien has a part time position as teacher/researcher at the Faculty of Psychology and Education.





September 2009: Coordinator of 'Centraal Pedagogische Thema's'


1998-2003 - MA in Developmental and Educational Psychology, Leiden University (with the highest distinctions)

2003- 2006 PhD-project, Vrije Universiteit

2007- March 2009 Post-doc researcher, Vrije Universiteit

April 2009 - Teacher/Researcher, Vrije Universiteit


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