Tarik Binnekade

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faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( sectie klinische neuropsychologie )
PhD student

Professional interests

Tarik Binnekade (1986) is a neuropsychologist who graduated in 2011 at the department of Clinical Neuropsychology of the VU University in Amsterdam. After his graduation he worked at the same department writing a report for the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate (IGZ) about physical activity in older adults. The report “Unmoved by movement: physical (in)activity in older people living in care homes” was published in the annual Dutch health care report “State of Healthcare 2012”.

Currently he is doing PhD research in the field of pain and dementia. His research examines pain in older adults with different subtypes of dementia. Focus is on four major subtypes of dementia: Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies. He determines the differences in presence of pain and experience of pain and their relation with cognition and autonomic responses. The usability of autonomic responses e.g. HR and skin conductivity, as indicators of pain will be examined. The goal of this is to strengthen pain diagnostics in nonverbal elderly.

The study features a unique cooperation between a dentist, a neuropsychologist and an elderly care medicine trainee. The dentist will look at the presence of orofacial pain, pain originating from the face or mouth. The elderly care medicine trainee will look at the presence of musculoskeletal pain, or pain that effects muscles, ligaments and tendons, and bones.



Binnekade, T.T., Eggermont, L.H.P., & Scherder, E.J.A. (2012). Unmoved by movement: physical (in)activity in elderly care facilities [Onbewogen om bewegen : lichamelijke (in)activiteit in zorginstellingen]. Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit, Afd. Klinische Neuropsychologie. [Article in Dutch]


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