Claire Ashton-James

Assistant professor

Professional Interests

Interpersonal and organizational behaviour; physical and social pain; emotion; automatic cognition and behaviour; mimicry; clinical applications of social psychology.

Selected Publications


Kushlev, K., Dunn, E. W., & Ashton-James, C. (2012). Does affluence impoverish the experience of parenting. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48, 1381–1384.

Aknin, L. B., Barrington-Leigh, C. P., Dunn, E. W., Helliwell, J. F., Burns, J., Biswas-Diener, R., Kemeza, I., Nyende, P., Ashton-James, C. E., & Norton, M. I. (in press). Prosocial spending and well-being: Cross-cultural evidence for a psychological universal. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Ashton-James, C. E. & Tracy, J. L. (2012). Pride and prejudice: Feelings about the self influence feelings about others. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38(4), 466-476.

Dunn, E. W., Ashton-James, C. E. Hanson, M. D., & Aknin, L. B. (2010). On the costs of self-interested economic behaviour: How does stinginess get under the skin? Journal of Health Psychology, 15(4), 627-633.

Ashton-James, C. E. & Chartrand, T. L. (2009). Social cues for creativity: The impact of behavioural mimicry on convergent and divergent thinking. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45(4), 1036-1040.

Ashton-James, C. E., Maddux, W., Galinsky, A., & Chartrand, T. L. (2009). Who I am depends on how I feel. The role of affect in the expression of culture. Psychological Science, 20(3), 340-346.

Ashton-James, C. E., van Baaren, R., Chartrand, T. L., Decety, J., & Karremans (2007). Mimicry and me: The impact of mimicry on self-construal. Social Cognition, 25(4), 518-535.

Ashkanasy, N. & Ashton-James, C. E. (2007). Positive emotion in organizations: A multilevel framework. In D. Nelson and C. Cooper (Eds.) Positive Organizational Behaviour: Accentuating the Positive at Work. London: Sage.

Greenberg, J. Ashton-James, C. E., & Ashkanasy, N. (2007). Social comparison processes in organizations. Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, 102(1), 22-41.

Ashton-James, C.E., & Ashkanasy, N.M. (2005). What lies beneath? A deconstructive analysis of affective events theory. In N. M. Ashkanasy, W. J. Zerbe & C. E. J. Härtel (Eds.), Research on emotion in organizations (Vol. 1, pp. 23-50). Oxford, UK: Elsevier/JAI Press.


Full CV

 CV Claire Ashton-James



Emotion and Motivation, VU University Amsterdam (Research Masters, Social Psychology)

Communication, VU University Amsterdam (2nd year, Bachelor of Psychology).

Management and Organizational Psychology, VU University Amsterdam (3rd year, Bachelor of Psychology; minor in Work and Organizational Psychology)